your conversational Companion

Imagine having a tool that can help you bridge the communication gap when words don’t come up to mind.
Suggesting words based on context and speech patterns, the app helps you navigate  communication obstacles, providing real-time support for meaningful interactions.

Preserve Precious Memories for a Lifetime

With our intuitive interface, you can quickly enter details about your life, such as your favourite memories, hobbies, and cherished moments. The app uses this information to create a personalized digital memory book that captures your life story, which can be cherished for generations to come. This enables you to have personalized a reminiscence about your life story, fostering a deeper connection and understanding with your loved one.

user Friendly

Designed with the collaboration of caregivers and patients, our app is easy to use on your smartphone. The simple and intuitive interface allows for seamless navigation and hassle-free interactions. The app can be used whether you’re at home or on the go, making it a convenient tool for patients to use in their daily routine.


Privacy and Security are Our Top Priorities. We understand the importance of privacy and security when dealing with sensitive health information. Our app is built with robust security measures to protect the data you enter, ensuring that your loved one’s information is kept confidential and secure. You can trust us to prioritize the privacy and security of your data.

Download Logos on your smartphone and experience  AI-powered communication support.
Together, we can we can positively impact the lives of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
Join us now and create lasting memories with Logos

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